Make your special emoticons

Follow these instructions to learn how to download and add your own sepcial emoticons.

1. Select the Emoticon icon.

2. Select the “Special” tab, and press the “+” button

3. Next, you can download emoticons from website or make your own special emoticons.

-Click “Download form Website”, you could see the new emotions, just click to download them. Nice and simple~


-Click “Choose from photos” to make your own special emoticon.

1. First, if your friends send you a lovely picture, click and save it to your phone.

2. Second, just select the Emoticon icon, then choose “Special” tab, and press the “+” button, select “Choose from photo”. At last, choose the photo you like, done! The photo you chose will become an emoticon automatically. Just like the Snoopy bellow, want to get it? Just DIY your own emoticons now.

Now you’ve leant how to add emoticons. Want to give it a try? Angel has prepared a set of lovely images. Just send a number from 1-36 to Angel to get a free emoticon (one number for each time only) and add them to your emoticon list. Try it now!